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Welcome to Tow Truck Kitchener. Our team provides long distance towing services from Cambridge to Waterloo, Ontario, and across Canada and back if you need it. With some of the best long distance towing rates this side of the Americas, Tow Truck Kitchener stays awake and attentive 24/7, paying attention to roadside dangers and the custom order of our dear clients. For a price that will have you laughing, get long distance towing Kitchener services today. We work around the clock, ready and willing, to get your automobile from point A to point B and there ain’t no valley wide enough, no mountain tall enough to stop us.


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Kitchener Ontario Point A to Point B Towing

To get your automobile haul across Canada or into America (USA) for some of the lowest rates on this side of the border, our point A to point B towing company is ready to assist. Starting in and/or around the City of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, we can haul your automobile–whether it’s a recreational vehicle or a sport utility vehicle–for as long and far away as you need to be towed. We’re at your beck and call! Call today.

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