About Tow Truck Kitchener--Our 100% Canadian Towing Company

We thank you for desiring to learn more about our Kitchener tow truck business. For combined decades now our team has been working together and constantly learning more about the nuances of tow truck services in Kitchener, ON, CA. When it comes to Kitchener towing, we groove on down with passions in our heart to keep the towing services vibrating. There’s a good reason why we never hesitate to be of help in roadside assistance; that reason is because we’ve been in roadside emergencies ourselves, and we’ve lived in or around Kitchener as long as we can remember, and so therefore we take this work personally and strive to do naught more than be of the great roadside assistance Kitchener aid. We’re there when the people need us. Call now; see what love can do.


To learn more about Tow Truck Kitchener please feel free to call us and ask questions, our browse our new website for details on our Kitchener towing practices:

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